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Brief Introduction
  BEIJINGTIANYUXINGCHEN Established on 1990, Beijing TYXC electronics corporation is an outstanding distributor taking professional electric potential device as principal products of business. In Beijing, we have a large number of customer group, and keep good cooperation with them. The company has marketing experience of many years and strong background, and is appointed by many famous electronic manufacturers-both at home and abroad- the special seller and agent. With annual turnover up to more than ten million yuans, it is one professional electric potential device selling company with rich strength.

  Fast development of China's economy and energetic support of the electron trade by the country, have built a good macroscopical environment for the electronic devices and components trade. The growth rate of the electronic devices and components of the world had scene of recovering too in these two years. This is a very good phenomenon to distributors of our electronic devices and components trade. At the same time, with the development and popularization of the network, it already becomes a general trend in recent years that enterprises surfed the web. professional electric potential device commercial network is set up under such terms. It is a specialized electric potential device information network, offering a large quantity of information resources, various kinds of specialized production catalogues, a large number of electric potential device stock online, and the online trade of different electric potential devices. It provides a strong information platform for exchange of the electronic device and component information.

  In the past, you need to find out a great many of materials, and go around large quantities of electronic markets to find message.

  Now, you may only sit in front of the computer, and click gently with the mouse. The specialized information of all electronic devices and components is before eyes to the limit. Still wait for what? Click the professional website of the electric potential device now

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